• Decopatch paper 736 x 3

This pack includes three sheets of paper 736.

These papers, specially made, are thin but very strong so they will not tear or bobble when glue is applied, and are easily smoothed out.  This paper has a dinosaur design on it ideal for children's projects. 

Decopatch papers can be used to cover your Decopatch models or anything else you want to upcycle e.g. furniture, household items, picture frames, in fact anything made of wood, plastic, metal, carboard, glass or ceramics.  Don't forget a combination of random or co-ordinated papers always looks great. Surprise yourself wit beautiful, original creations - easy to do and look so impressive.  There is a perfect paper for all your Decopatch projects.

Please see our materials section for recommended decopatch glue, decopatch varnish and decopatch brushes.

Each decopatch paper measures 30 x 40cm and is printed on thin but very strong paper so that is does not tear or break when wet and can be smoothed out easily.  Instructions are included in every order .

Please note all our materials are genuine Decopatch products.

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Decopatch paper 736 x 3

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