Here are all the decopatch papers you can choose from to decopatch your papier mache items or anything else you want to upcycle e.g. furniture, household items, picture frames, in fact anything made of wood,plastic, metal, cardboard, ceramics.   They come in a vast range of colours, styles and designs from animal prints to spots and stripes and lots of stunning floral patterns.  There's a decopatch paper for everything!   So get sticking and surprise yourself with beautiful and original creations that are so easy and enjoyable to make. Impress your friends! Perfect for all you decopatch and decoupage projects.

Please see our materials section for recommended decopatch glue, decopatch varnish and decopatch brushes.

Each decopatch paper measures 30 x 40cm and is printed on thin but very strong paper so that is does not tear or break when wet and can be smoothed out easily.  Instructions are included in every order .

The papers come singly at £1.25 each or £3.15 for three sheets.  All our papers are genuine Decopatch papers.

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